Sundhøj 20A, Glyngøre
7870 Roslev DK
Telefon: (+45) 28 94 42 88
A peaceful family ground located in an area of natural beauty.
Just off the A26 between Skive and Nykøbing m. south of Sallingsund bridge, about 300
m in the direction of Glyngøre, lies this 22-acre quiet and scenically beautiful family camping
site. Modern facilities, playgrounds, trialstrack, ball game pitch, 400 m from the beach and
Salling Strait. Nature trils through the beautiful “Pinen” area and many interesting places to see wit-hin a reasonable distance. Cap. 880 pers.

North Jutland is Denmark´s least populated region. You´ll find this part of Denmark particularly vast and quiet. And this is where people go to feel and witness the extremes of Danish natural beauty: The gentle east coast with lushly green beech forests and snug fjords; the rugged and imposing west coast where only sturdy conifers survive in the wind.
The Limfjorden waters that attract windsurfers, pleasure craft and anglers to and area abounding whit innumerable small islands and gentle bays.
No other part of Denmark is so dominated by the sea and the coastline whit all its instriguing variation. Don´t miss the cosy atmosphere in the old fishing ports. And be sure to see the wide and white sandy beaches - among the finest in Europe - that have attracted tourists for more than a hundred years. Last but nor least: North Jutland has the largest number af sunshine hours in the whole of Denmark.